When the Vision is a Living Thing

A key to moving forward in an externally open manner is the presence of a vision. A vision is a set of images of a desired future. It draws us forward and gives us resilience to keep moving. When we get overwhelmed and confused we can return to the vision and we gain new insights about what to do and we are able to press forward.

Why is this so? When we return to the vision from the perspective of the new, overwhelming challenge, we interpret the vision from the perspective of the new challenge. We therefore suddenly see in the vision something we could not before see. We realize the vision is richer than we thought.

In this sense a vision is a living thing. It changes and grows as we grow. As we move back and forth from our compelling internal vision to our most challenging external realities, we enlarge our awareness and we contribute value to the external system in which we exist.

The vision then is something we must continually examine, discuss and celebrate. As we do, the vision will grow. Because the vision grows it has the capacity to elevate us and we have the capacity to elevate the world. When we understand this the vision becomes part of every conversation and every conversation grows in its creative potential.

Visionary leaders put less emphasis on trying to change systems, structures and processes, they put more emphasis on dialog, on tying every conversation to the larger vision that integrates and elevates the people in the dialog. They attempt to bring more and more people into the dialog. Such behavior makes it possible for many individuals to become externally open. As this happens a new more spontaneous order emerges and impossible things become possible.



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