Mindfulness and Creation

Action and alertness give rise to learning. By this I mean active, transformational learning. It is an expansion of awareness that allows a person to see what could not be seen before.

In moving forward into uncertainty, a person becomes mindful. Ellen Langer indicates that mindfulness is the development of new labels and categories with which we can interpret the world. In mindlessness we interpret the world through the categories that we have developed in the past. We are a prisoner of our past categories.

Moving forward into uncertainty, we become alert and mindful and our old categories evolve and sometimes the boundaries between our categories melt away. We simply see what is, as it is. We have primary experiences and then use secondary analysis to form new categories.

The new categories are more accurate and more empowering than past categories. In this state of learning we come to know the truth and truth makes us free. Why? When our old categories melt and we embrace the present moment as it really is, we are free of previous constraints and we are able to link to the universe in the co-creation of the emerging future.


  1. Underline the phrases in the above statement with which you most resonate.
  2. List the life experiences that come to mind.
  3. List the ideas and concepts that come to mind.
  4. Write your own paragraph, explaining what you believe about this topic. Your paragraph should only contain the things you understand and truly believe.

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