Belief in the Product

Last month I wrote a blog about being a salesman when I was in college. I told a story of self -transformation. I concluded with these sentences: “The person who answered my knock was no longer a neutral object who was going to buy my products and pay me money.  Rather, I was now glad to see this person and was there to “serve.”  When my purpose (making a living) was supplemented by a focus on others (love), things changed.

I have good friend, a man with a life-time of positive leadership behind him. He responded: “Bob, keep in mind that it is also necessary to believe that what you are offering the customer can help them. If you do not have that conviction, the “focus on others” is not complete and therefore not fully genuine.


What does authentic belief in our product do to our behavior?

What does this suggest about the conceptualization and production of our products?

How could we use this passage to create a more positive organization?


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