A Higher Purpose

We were at my son’s house caring for our four grandchildren.  At 5:45 music practice starts.  Many routines then quickly unfold and it becomes a morning beehive.  I was typing in my journal when my wife asked me to drive my grandson to an early morning class he attends.  I gladly did so.  I returned and was about to start typing again when the phone rang.  Delsa informed me that Mason had left his snack in the car and asked if I would take it to him.  The second interruption brought a surge of frustration.  Then I had a strong impression that overrode and transformed the frustration. “This is why you are here.”

The impression seemed to extend beyond the second trip to Mason’s class.  It seemed to extend to all of life.  It is natural for me to become self-focused.  Yet when I am reminded that service and contribution are my very purpose on this planet, I shift out of my self-interested inclinations.  I do things for a higher purpose and I do them with cheer.  I am grateful for the interruption of a higher purpose that overrode and transformed my frustration.


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