Commitment and Rebirth

We spent time with a young friend who is now in a governmental medical residency. He signed a contract to specialize in radiology. When it came time to enter the specialty the bureaucracy no longer offered radiology. While he pointed out that they were legally bound, they put intense pressure on him. He faced all the intimidation with quiet, focused confidence and eventually the bureaucracy caved-in.

The story is important. There is often a moment when a person can choose a right principle, fully commit to an outcome, and then move forward no matter the cost. Opposition churns with intensity then it collapses and the world is changed. David conquers Goliath. The experience changes David.

David discovers the power of his own virtue. He sees potential in himself that he did not see before. He also realizes that the same potential exists in others who do not see it in themselves.   He is anxious to help others empower themselves. He knows that the external social world is vulnerable to human commitment.   The awareness of this truth makes him free and opens to path to living a proactive life.



When have I have I been totally committed no matter the cost?

What happened?

How could we use this passage to create a more positive organization?


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