I think we almost never entertain the countercultural question, “What do I love about me?”  When we answer it, when we become aware of our own positive core, appreciation escalates, hope grows, and courage expands.  We see our real self and thus experience increased humility, real humility.  In encountering our best self, we encounter the creative force that energizes the universe.

When we love ourselves in the positive sense I am exploring here, others are then more attracted to us.  They trust us.  And often this trust is something they can’t even define.  They want to join with us in the pursuit of meaningful purpose.  When trusting relationship is joined with meaningful purpose, relationships, groups, or organizations become more willing to sacrifice for the newly envisioned future.  They feel empowered and empowering because they are no longer locked into their problems.  They are more ready to pursue the results they want to create.

(Letters to Garrett, p. 64)

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