Choosing Slow Death: Manager 4

Manager 4 describes a process familiar to many.

“We are dying.  In the meantime, my boss goes around reducing everything to numbers and charts.  He leaves the real task of leadership to others.  Because we no longer believe in the organization’s future, we’re all tending to our own personal futures.  I would love to e thinking about constructive alternatives, but it’s simply too late.”

Here we see the difference between management and leadership.  Organizations need people who can actually lead the deep change process.  This means reaching hearts as well as heads.

Note that there is a point in the process of slow death when people give up on the pursuit of the organizational good and simply begin to take care of themselves.  This is a sure sign of the slow death process.  It is a common occurrence in human collectives.


Are any of these patterns familiar?

Have you experienced them in your own organization?

What could you or other leaders have done to halt the process of slow death and turn it around?

(The Deep Change Field Guide, p. 31-34)


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