Choosing a Future Crisis

When an organization discovers that its systems need realignment, I am often asked to make a diagnosis. Senior executives seldom argue with my diagnosis, but they almost always argue with my recommendations. I am told, “What you don’t understand is that we don’t have the time to make the change you are recommending.” This statement is accurate. There is no time. In coming to such a conclusion, the executive is choosing task over maintenance. The executive is also, however, choosing a future crisis. Sooner or later a price will be paid. The decision that is within our control is when to pay the price and do the painful work of realignment.


One thought on “Choosing a Future Crisis

  1. Great insight, and it is reminds me of my Crisis Management Class that I am taking right now. It is so true of what you have just said, some businesses and organizations are more concern on how much money they gonna earn, rather than doing “internal assasin and audit” on what are the potential crisis that they gonna face……..Like you said “work of realignment” is what we need to do…..Thank you President for the Great Insight


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